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Have you banned from donating blood because you spent time in the U.K. ie b/c of the mad cow disease thing?

A few facts - three people in the UK have died of vCJD (the human form of BSE/Mad Cow Disease) because they were infected from a blood transfusion. http://www.cjd.ed.ac.uk/cjdq60.pdf

The important thing about this is that the person who gave the infectious blood appeared to be perfectly healthy at the time they gave the blood. So we know people may be infectious a few years before they develop symptoms.

Three Americans have delevloped vCJD after spending time in countries that had BSE (UK and Saudi Arabia). http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/vcjd/qa.h...

One of them had lived in the UK for many years, moved to the USA in 1992 and didn't develop symptoms until 2001.

One other thing - in animals it has been shown that an animal can be infectious without ever showing symptoms.

So basically I think the USA is being extremely cautious because there can be very long incubation periods and we have no way of knowing how many people could be infected but never show symptoms. They probably they will continue to be cautious unless there is a real blood shortage. However there have been cases of vCJD in other countries, not just the UK (e.g. 23 cases in France), so I suppose if the USA was being obsessively cautious they could ban blood from those places too. http://www.cjd.ed.ac.uk/vcjdworld.htm

In the UK, we're not as cautious as the USA, since everyone has already been exposed to BSE in food. Here, you can donate blood that is only used for other UK people. However it is specially treated - all the white cells are removed, which is thought to greatly reduce the chance of infection. Products containing white cells and plasma products are all sourced from abroad. Anyone born after 1996 does not receive any UK blood products. Also in the UK you cannot give blood if you have received a blood transfusion yourself since 1980.


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Giving Back During the Holidays – Californians Increase Donations to Charity by 53% During Holidays

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Causes.com, the largest online platform for social activism, today released results from a December 2010 online survey conducted on its behalf by Harris Interactive regarding Californians habits for donating money to charity. The survey found that 83 percent of Californians have donated to a charitable organization and that among them, 33 percent are more likely to make contributions during the holiday season. Additionally, Causes has also released data regarding Californians habits for increasing charitable donations during the months of November and December.

The Holiday season is definitely the time

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Last minute charitable donations are a good 2014 tax strategy

31 is not as well late.The Colorado Offers site could be a tool in making a contribution as much as the last min, baseding on the broadcast. For any person that has an organizations name, the internet site supplies a way to look into the organization as well as contribute to it in a secure online site. The Colorado Nonprofit Organization serves as a hub for the states nonprofits. Eleven of the nonprofits link to location United Way departments, consisting of Mile High United Method. These consist of: pet relevant; arts, society and liberal arts; civil rights, social action and advocacy; area improvement as well as capacity-building; criminal activity as well as legal-related; conditions, disorders as well as medical self-controls; education and learning; employment; environment; food, farming as well as nourishment; medical care; housing as well as shelter; human services; as well as international, foreign affairs and nationwide security.Other classifications are

: medical research; psychological health and crisis assistance; common and membership benefit; philanthropy, volunteerism and grant making structures; public and societal advantage; public safety and security, disaster preparedness as well as alleviation; entertainment as well as sports; religion-related; scientific research and also innovation; social scientific research; and also young people development. Colorado Gives likewise links

to vetted nonprofits that aid various other nonprofits. In a morning program

on Wednesday, news anchor Gary Shapiro of Denvers 9 Information recommended making a charitable donation as a method of optimizing reductions to plan for tax time. It is also a sound means to study specific nonprofits. Dec. Area Shares of Colorado has actually increased$24 million for nonprofits that don't suit the mold of existing workplace offering federations, baseding on the Colorado Gives background declaration. Colorado Gives contains the names of almost 1,700 vetted companies provided via the Colorado Assistant of State.Those with an interest yet no particular organization could make use of a drop-down list of 25 groups